Setup MySQL as Datasource for OFBiz


Derby is the default database of ofbiz. Now we migrate our database to MySQL from derby.
1. Before you start migrating check your installed MySQL version & download the supported version of mysql-connector.jar
2. Place the mysql-connector.jar to <ofbiz-dir>/framework/entity/lib/jdbc
3. Create 3 database [Ex. ofbiz, ofbizolap, ofbiztenant]
4. Open entityengine.xml file from <ofbiz-dir>/framework/entity/config/
5. Edit as follows,


Setup Ofbiz in Ubuntu


#. Download Ofbiz
#. Go to the downloaded directory and unzip
#. Go to ofbiz folder/directory

#.Open terminal and
load demo data [Demo data needs to be loaded for the first time only]
./gradlew cleanAll loadDefault [release version]
./gradlew cleanAll loadAll [trunk version]
#. Give some time to download the demo data.
After loading demo data start ofbiz
./gradlew ofbiz
#. Navigate with your browser
(http://localhost:8443/accounting) after successful start.
Login with username admin & password ofbiz